About Super Shirts Store

Eddi grew up wanting to be a Superhero. He read as many comics as he could get his hands on and before he was 18 he had 12000 comics in his collection. The majority title being every Legion Of Superheroes appearance available. He always dreamed of owning a ULTRA BOY shirt. One thing, his dreams were never fulfilled as a kid it wasn't until he started Bearded Shirts. 
It started with Beardeds Shirts
Bearded Shirts .com is a concept brought on by Eddie's Fascination with the beard.  In his spare time, he started out with one Beard Design and a purpose "Giving the World a Beard"
Putting his fascination and his design skills together...
TaDa...Bearded Shirts. 
Now with over 1000 designs on the market, more are popping out of his mind everyday (no really he can't get them to market fast enough)
He kept drawing and producing more and more comic shirts and flooding the site with his Super shirts. 
On day it hit him. He should do a site just for Superheroes...SUPER SHIRTS WERE BORN.